Friday, September 27, 2019

100% Vote-By-Mail, The Best Answer To Election Security And Other Election Issues

100% Vote-By-Mail is the answer to several important questions about American elections...

Election security...  Vote-By-Mail inherently leaves a paper trail that is easy to audit. The Vote-By-Mail ballots can be counted twice, by unrelated machines and unrelated staff, and if the results are identical, the election is pretty secure. Vote-By-Mail is also inherently inaccessible from the internet.

The push to make election day a federal holiday... Vote-By-Mail allows voters to make their decisions and vote from the convenience of their own homes at a time of their own choosing, so there is no necessity of the expense and disruption of an Election Day holiday.

Accessibility...  Vote-By-Mail provides optimum accessibility for the disabled and others who have trouble traveling, walking, reading, etc.

Cost... The equipment to scan Vote-By-Mail ballots is much less expensive than voting machines. And far fewer people are required to staff a Vote-By-Mail system.

Convenience... There is no waiting in line to vote with Vote-By-Mail. And any technical issues (which are much less likely with Vote-By-Mail) do not cause delays or inconvenience to voters.

Voter ID issues...  With Vote-By-Mail, there is the possibility of informing a voter of a discrepancy and for them to resolve it before voting is finalized.