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We the people have for too long been under the spell of the big business propaganda machine – which has convinced the American people to vote against their best interests through… [continue reading →]

Kevin McCarthyisms

Anyone who actually believes that Kevin McCarthy should become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives, and 3rd in line to the Presidency, should listen to this man speak (try to speak?). Listen to excerpts from his September 28, … Continue reading

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What the World Must Require of Israel, Regarding Palestine

The key to the issue of Palestine/Israel is to understand the history of colonialism and apartheid. While Israel may be the only country to be exercising apartheid on its subject people today, modern colonialism was more the rule than the … Continue reading

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Feed the Children

Never forget… Nothing is more important in our national life than the welfare of our children. – Harry S. Truman (when signing the National School Lunch Act in 1946) Let no child go hungry. Save food stamps.  

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What Do Americans Do? Ever Wonder Where Americans Work?

With an official unemployment rate of 9.1% in the United States, do you ever wonder where Americans work, and why there aren’t enough jobs? Surely there are elderly and sick people who need help in their homes, as well as … Continue reading

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True Patriotism is a Liberal Virtue

NEVER let the Right Wing wave the flag, misquote Jefferson, distort Jesus’ message of love and kindness toward all, and then claim the high ground of patriotism! True patriotism is a liberal virtue! Thomas Jefferson was what we today call … Continue reading

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Public Funding of Private Schools is UnAmerican

How did it ever come to this – our tax dollars funding private schools? Thomas Jefferson would be turning in his grave! I cannot even begin to fathom how anyone supports this idea – other than out of personal greed. … Continue reading

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Public Health is a Necessity, Not a Choice

I am shocked, but I can’t say surprised, by how widespread the resistance by the right-wing to mandatory immunization has become. Probably few reading this article can personally remember when polio was a public health menace, but I can. The … Continue reading

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Proof That Government Spending Creates a Strong Economy

Anyone doubt that government spending is good for the economy? Ask yourself, When was America’s economy the strongest? Answer, the 1950s. Why was America’s economy strongest in the 1950s? America’s economy crashed in the late 1920s as a result of … Continue reading

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Liberal and Conservative Morality

I was watching a TED video Jonathan Haidt on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives. The video has a premise that I would like to believe is true – that the values of liberals and conservatives are both “moral,” … Continue reading

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What is America’s Purpose?

In spite of the news media’s obsessive focus on bad news, Americans are actually better off today than ever before, except for one thing…  we aren’t happy. Much of the cause of this unhappiness comes from being influenced by the … Continue reading

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