Friday, April 1, 2016

Let's Thank Donald Trump for Calling Out the GOP's Hypocrisy on Abortion

On March 30, Donald Trump called for abortion to be criminalized (standard GOP line), and also for women who undergo illegal abortions to be "punished" by the legal system - without being specific as to the severity of that punishment.

A few hours later, Trump walked-back his comments after abortion foes (as well as pro-choice advocates) denounced Trump's statement.

While almost everyone from all sides of the political spectrum seems to think that what Trump said was awful, I think it was both logical, and wonderfully insightful of the hypocritical "standard" GOP position on abortion.

IF abortion were considered to be the "murder" of a small "human," (and I am certainly not someone who views it that way) then the punishment of all complicit in the "crime" would logically be severe. Murder and being an "accessory to murder" draw massive sentences - even death. If abortion were murder, why lesser sentences? or no sentence for the woman choosing the "murder?"

As an example, when police intercept a drug transaction, the drug dealer is given a harsher sentence than the drug buyer, but the drug buyer is also punished - often years of incarceration. [The "war on drugs" is an abomination - but that is another story.]

Donald Trump's momentary deviation from the "standard" Republican view on abortion shines a spotlight on the hypocrisy of its "standard" position that...

1) Abortion is Murder, BUT...
2) Abortion is not a crime if rape or incest caused the pregnancy (for most in GOP)
3) The woman is a "victim" rather than an "accessory to murder" - unless she got the abortifacient pills herself without a doctor - in which case she's a murderer.

The "standard" GOP position on abortion holds neither logic nor morality! Rather it is expedient pandering to a range of belief in its political base.

In a system that was truly designed to protect the interests of the fetus, rape would have no bearing. How can anyone take a moral position that a child conceived in rape is a less important person than a child conceived in wedlock?

A large majority of Americans believe that abortion is a choice to be made by the woman, rather than to be criminalized by the legal system. A few Americans, however, strongly believe that abortion is murder and must be criminalized as such. The hypocritical "standard" GOP position on abortion tracks neither of these, but rather is a political expediency designed to win votes.

A further note... If abortion were criminalized, and all facilities performing legal abortions eliminated, I predict that at least as many women would opt for illegal abortifacient pills, or coat-hangers, or other home remedies, as would find illegal abortion doctors. Thus, the issue of sending women to prison for aborting themselves would become widespread.

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