Sunday, January 10, 2016

President Obama Cheers and Boos


Affordable Care Act

Nuclear Deal with Iran

Prisoner Exchange with Iran

Executive Action on Immigration

Executive Action on Guns

Economic Recovery

Job Growth

Deal with Syria to Remove Chemical Weapons

Federal Support for Stem-Cell and Biomedical Research

Protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

Protecting Women's Health and Women's Rights

Protecting Planned Parenthood

Preventing KeystoneXL Pipeline

Trying to Close Guantanamo


TPP (harms environment, consumer protection, health, rule-of-law; a gift to greedy multinational corporations)


Failure to provide Kurds with heavy weapons, and failure to support an independent Kurdistan

Support of ISIS-enabling Kurd-Hating Turkey

Military Aid to Theocratic Dictatorship in Saudi Arabia which Beheads Political and Religious Dissidents and Bombs Civilians in Yemen using US Weapons

Failure to Force Israel to End Illegal and Immoral Occupation of Palestine, and Continued Military Aid to Israel

Failure to Stand Up to Big Banks

Proposing to Attack Syria's Government ("Red Line" Fiasco)

President Obama has also done much that doesn't clearly rate either a cheer or a boo...

Tactics of fighting ISIS


Syria (other than "Red Line" boo, and Chemical Weapons cheer)



Interactions with Putin

Drone controversy (especially targeting US citizens)

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